Friday, March 25, 2011


Some called it 'bribe', but i feel like it's just a small gesture. Something so small but will get me something great in return.:p

When i was in my old company, i was sitting next to this Indian secretary. She was not very friendly to me cos before i join the company, nobody sit next to her. So she can do whatever she wants .. chatting on the phone la, read magazine la , etc. Then one day i overheard that she is having migraine ( or something ) and she is looking for something sweet. So i bought a small packet of sweet during lunch and gave it to her ( in case she is looking for sweets next time ). I think she touched. So from that day onwards, i get my stuffs approved or arranged quickly. ( i get my claims almost immediately lol )

Another story...
Someone was quite bossy in the gym. But ever since i gave him something ( a thing that i brought back from the trip, cos i know he likes it very much ), everything changed. He suddenly became very friendly and concern about my classes. :)

If all this small things/gestures can make my life easier, i don't mind doing it.
What do you thing?

For the record, i totally ANTI-BRIBERY.


  1. natural lor. good gestures get good treatment in return.

  2. you bribed the right person lo, try to bribe me, it won't change my way of treating people. :x

  3. i don't think this can be considered bribery, it just merely a nice gesture to keep a good relationship with colleagues.. and i think this is some kind of "office survival skill".. :p

  4. It's called being thoughtful.

  5. bong .. i strongly believe that.. so i know when to do good lo :)

    kokhua .. u know what? a bit lost lol ;p

    justin .. since u already say u cannot be bribed.. then no point wasting energy bribing ;p

  6. sk .. i thought i'm bad in pr-ing.. guess i'm not so bad at all lol ;)

    william .. hmm.. i like it..

    anton .. absolutely believe in karma .. so i'll try to be nice to everyone :)

  7. at least try bribe me a little ma. :x

  8. justin .. why bother wasting time when u already know that it ill not work worr? ;p

  9. maybe i want to repay your bribing ley.

  10. justin .. no need. cos i already know ur philosophy ;p


Good comment makes me happy.. bad comment get my attention ;)