Friday, March 18, 2011


Finally, went to the Chinese masseur yesterday for a traditional Chinese massage. This is to avoid making anymore 'urggh' sound when i climb staircase.;p

I'm not sure if my body ( muscle & joints ) are really tangled or he is really strong, but i felt kinda painful during the session. I guess he saw my 'suffering' face while massaging. So he asked :

Him : Painful issit? ( 痛嗎?)

Me : A bit. ( 有一點。)

Him : Scream if it's painful. ( 痛就喊出來啊。)

Me : Err... ok.

It's not that i don't want to let him know that i'm in pain, but :

a) my body is aching all over, so i dunno i'm suppose to feel the pain when he press or not ;p

b) it's very hard to open your mouth n scream when you are lying face down and your head ' tertanam ' in that hole. Sekali i open my mouth my saliva meleleh. ;p

c) i am NOT a screamer ( unless when i'm pissed or angry ;p )

Are you a screamer?
Do you think that you scream like ... a lot? ;p

p/s : there's another reason why i don't scream, cos my tone will go huru-hara .. just like when i scream in class. lol ;p


  1. Will your tone go huru-hara in bed? ;)

  2. errr, normally i'll try to withstand the pain and hold up not to shout lor.. shouting because of pain is so not vogue right?? haha!!

  3. once you scream ur mouth will watery a lot huh? then no fun lo :P

  4. Big mouth have trouble opening mouth and scream? tehehehehe

  5. Real men do not scream! :P
    If you must, groan

  6. Meleleh! Classic! Hahaha... I want massage :( Don't have money to go T_T

  7. Jusz sleep through it.. :) close your eyes..

  8. william .. i prefer a more demure tone :p

    sk .. i got no energy to think about vogiuness lorr.. just trying very hard to hold my scream ;p

    zidane .. that is if u r facing downwards for half an hour.. ;p

  9. fable .. no trouble la.. just chose not too.. tak nak takutkan orang al ;p

    bong .. tak kuasa nak moan in from of him ;p

    anton .. i'm just not used to make any noise la

  10. freedom .. this Chinese massage very cheap onli ma.. RM40 per hour.. no need to go for 5 star spa la ;p

    emo .. i seriously doubt that anyone can fall asleep during the session lo.. at least not me


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