Wednesday, March 9, 2011

sabar KAK .. ;p

I was doing the window display at one of the shop in Tropicana City Mall when a young Malay couple came in and ask for some direction. I think they are really SUEI that day cos they ter-went to the "DIVA" of the shop for direction.

Young guy : Bang, xxx ( dunno what shop is that ) kat maner yer?

DIVA : ( bengang kena panggil 'bang'. lol ;p ) U pergi kat sana ,pas tu belok kiri. then jalan terus.

Young guy : Belok kiri pas tu maner?

DIVA : ( already giving the raising eyebrow look ) jalan terus.

Young guy : ( turned to her girlfriend .. then back to the DIVA ) Betul ke bang? Jalan terus ke?

DIVA : Uh huh.. jalan terus, langgar aje ape yang ada.

Young guy : Thank you ( then quickly went out )

I was laughing in the window listening to their conversation. Kesian betul cik abang tu. Tapi emmang padan muka pun. Cakap 2 kali pun tak paham-paham.

So who are you siding in this situation?
The guy or the DIVA?

For an inpatient person like me, of cos i side the DIVA la. ;p

TERUS AJE, LANGGAR APA YANG ADA ... ( so classic ;p )


  1. Ooo... I like this 1 "jalan terus, langgar jer aper yang ade"

  2. I suspect DIVA = You. :P

  3. oh, i thought the DIVA is you??

  4. isnt there an information couter? d'oh. :P

    so yea, langgar jer apa yang ada.

  5. The diva (being yourself) should have added "chun yan mo yok yee" (no cure for stupidity) ;)

  6. paul .. so creative kan? i think i will laugh if ppl scold me like that lorr..

    william .. jangan pandai-pandai .. NOT ME la ;p

    sk .. i am so sad.. i know u so long liao u still dunno me ;p

  7. bong ,, info counter a GF and we are at 1f ma.. malas nak turun kot..

    anton .. yerr.. i dun curse ppl like that one.. ( at least not in front of ;p )


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