Tuesday, March 15, 2011

i love TODAY

When you did something right ... you'll know. :)

Went for a meeting this morning. I'm suppose to propose some VM ideas to them, and i have to say .. i'm quite confident and happy with my proposals, cos i think ( know ) that this will work. So i presented and they are quite happy with it. They happy, i happy. But the one think that i am super thrill about is ... I WAS HAVING GOOSEBUMPS THROUGHTOUT MY WHOLE PRESENTATION, cos i am very proud of it. :)

After the meeting, finally got the payment that i've been waiting for. :))

Yeah, the title says it all : I LOVE TODAY!

( another syok sendiri post brought to you by your beloved, Big Mouth. ;p )

So how was your day? :)


  1. wah, present already straight away got payment ah?? so good one??

  2. client mana satu?
    Congrats wow!

  3. Great to hear that.

    My day wasnt that good, I'm SICK! :(

  4. It's great doing something that you love and get paid for it!

  5. Wow! I will be available for your big treat!!

  6. wow. u happy everyone also happy. ;)

  7. Wah this is the ultimate shiok sendiri post! lolz

  8. sk .. no la.. presentation n payment is 2 different thing :)

    yasmin .. kedai buku :)

    kokhua .. poor thing.. get well soon :)

  9. william .. totally agree.. tats why i'm very happy with my job.. vm n dance :)

    twilight .. err.. make appointment with my secretary first la lol ;p

    chris .. no la.. long waited payment only :)

  10. bong .. wah.. u think i got so big influence meh? i wish oso la..:))

    anton .. of cos.. abothen? sometimes have to syok sendiri a bit.. baru boleh balance ;p

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