Thursday, March 3, 2011


Since this is not the first time for us visiting London and Paris, so we did not take a lot of touristy pictures. So don't expect Eiffel Tower and Big Ben in the coming posts. ;p

The main reason for us to go to London is to meet up with the ever lovely and sometimes crazy Win-ni. Secondly is to watch the musicals ( aimed this since 2007, after i watched my 1st musical "Chicago" in London. I'm not going write the synopsis of both musicals here ( you want to know? google sendiri ;p ). But below are my humble feeling after watching the musicals ...

Sangat sedap. Nice costume & props and of cos, nice songs. I've been humming "Defying Gravity" since i watched a scene in Ugly Betty where they went to see WICKED. Really worth the money lorr..:)

LAGI SEDAP. I was having goose-bumps the moment the actress open her mouth and sing ( in some African native language ) at the very first scene. So nice set, everything was really good. They even walked thru the audience to go on stage, so that we can have a closer look on their costume and feel the ambience. And oh ya, i cried 2 times ~ once when they sang "Can you feel the love tonite" and at the finale. Sangat the touching lorrr...

Looking forward to watch other musicals in the future.
Any recommendations besides Phantom & Mamma Mia?

Some crazy pictures with my lovely Biaomei and the gang ... Can you believe it? We ( mainly ) Win-ni danced while shopping in the supermarket? ;p
It was so cold, check out my RED nose ;p

* tq Yasmin for the pics. :)


  1. This would help me decide what to watch!

  2. London!!! one day I shall make a trip there too...hehehe..
    do post more pics ya.. ;p

  3. Grease!!!! and footloose!!!!! XD

    jz don watch sequels. -__- they are usually horrible.,

  4. You have got to watch Les Miserables!! Very very nice!!! But I not sure r they still running production or not. Then Miss Saigon ar, Chess, Song and Dance. You'll love Song and Dance!

  5. my dear your photo is not enough!!!
    take more when go travel!!!!

  6. Hey Danny! After the shows and dramas, walk to Buckingham Palace and have tea with old Queen. She would love to try our kari pap.
    Have fun!

  7. wah... not ur first time. i one time also takde...

  8. envy ~~~ i also wan to watch musical!!!!!!

  9. i like that "putting the spotlight on leicester square" lor, so movie poster~~ :)

  10. We are 'Sex and the shitty'~ as what win-ni said! Haha!

  11. william .. must watch lion king.. u wont regret it :)

    adrian .. yes yes.. go go... interesting city :)

    baiqin .. do i know u? ;p

  12. vincent .. grease huh? good idea.. since i am a fans of the 70's :)

    paul .. ya worr... how come i nvr think of LM? song and dance? so 'direct' one the title? lol ;p

    nate .. i normally dun take much pictures one la.. not gd looking ma.. dun want to spoil the pics ;p

  13. twilight .. she did invite me.. but i too busy.. takde masa nak layan ;p

    bong .. aiya .. my traveling life onli started after 26 years old ma.. u wait la ;p

    koe .. spore shld have a lot of international musicals ma.. but dunno the cast is good of not la ;p

  14. sk .. tqtq.. i always know i can be a ;p

    yasmin .. whatever.. as long as i am the most DRAMATic ;p

  15. argh........ nak jugak....... nak jugak..........i miss london so much.......

  16. nas .. tak payah miss miss.. pergi aje ;p


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