Thursday, April 7, 2011


I was resting and cooling down with a few members after the class. Then one of them started to ask stuffs about me like my age, work, etc. ( fyi, i am quite new in this studio ) Normally i'll ask them to guess before saying anything. So according to them, my face shows that ...

... i am a very fussy person ( ada betul )
... i am a bitchy person ( sangat betul )
... i am a virgo ( memang betul )
... i don't like to mix around ( absolutely betul )
... i hardly talk, but once i start to talk ... ;p ( betul )
... i am a perfectionist ( partly betul )
... i am working in creative line ( sangat betul )
... i am 30 years old ( how i wish they were betul ;p )
( they were so excited and kept asking a few more question. can't recall what was the question )

What can i say? They really read me like a book... a 'face'book. lol ;p

Do you think that people can know/guess your character/attitude by just looking at your face?


  1. can. i did this all the time.

  2. erm... i guess ppl also get me wrong thru my face.
    wat u can get from my face then? =P

  3. those aunties are very experience in life, so they are most of the time very true.. furthermore, you are quite an explicit person mah..

  4. Your face fits all the stereotypes perhaps?

  5. Character and attitude wise, ABSOLUTELY YES!! You know, every time I walk into your class before it commence, I notice you were always pretending to be very busy with the stereo instead of chatting with those already present, which most of the other instructors do. Haha.... no offence, ok?

    But age can be quite deceitful though. Most of the time I am being mistaken for my three children's elder sister and my hubby's daughter, hehe.... And that never fail to give me a high throughout the day. Women...... ain't they all vain animals??

  6. justin .. meaning u r very good in observing other people lorr?

    eunice .. u ahh? no need to guess oso know that u r another bitch lorr... lol ;p

    sk .. ya lo ya lo.. i put everything on my face.. its time to put some 'make up' on ;p

  7. william ... i think so lo.. maybe i should try to be different from the predictable huh?

    dreamchaser .. meaning u r a good pretender? or its just too hard to see? lol ;p

    jade .. haha.. u realized that huh? cos i dun want to stress myself trying to make conversation .. and also stay focus b4 class... see? i'm so easy to 'read' rite? lol ;p


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