Monday, April 4, 2011


I guess it's time for me to go out and mingle with some human beings.

I accidentally delete/change the configuration ( or code or something lah ) of my internet connection in my laptop this morning. Since then, i kept trying different ways of fixing it ( ie. slamming the mouse, non stop clicking the icon, cursing my poor little mackie, etc. )

Then i call some friends to get help, still no answer. There's this ex colleague of mine whom i have no been keeping in touch for a year or two. I always went to his house when i have problem with my mac from the day i bought it till now. He is my last resort cos i don't want to him after so long just becoz i need help. But no choice, horse died walk on floor ( 馬死落地行 ).

So i picked up my phone and called. I guess i was too nervous that i forgot to PR with him before asking for help. Luckily he is still very nice to me, but he apologized cos there's a problem ~ "He and his family moved to Penang since last year ".

OMG! It suddenly hit me that i should take more initiative to connect with the outside world. Not only to keep myself updated, but also to make more contacts. So that i know where to go to if i'm in trouble next time. :(

OK now, anybody interested to meet up with an unfriendly guy, with super fierce face and know absolutely nothing about gadgets? Preferably not too far from Ampang/Cheras? ( that's another reason i don't go out.. too lazy ) ;p
( so sad, i'm so desperate now ... like cheap sale ;p )

p/s : after lots of clicking and cursing, i accidentally solved the problem ( i think so, at least for now ) THANK GOD ! :)


  1. Janganlah pakai konsep "pakai, buang". Hehe.

  2. "I would love to help you... but I moved to Penang since last year" Ahahahahaha, can't stop LMAO, hahahaha.

    Anyway, thx God, your problem is solved.

  3. I'm a Mac book user too. You must be having a very itchy hand. Mac interface it's so easy to set. Wondered why you face problem... Hmmm....

  4. You can pass your woes and problem MAC to me anytime. I have IT expert to fix for you Free. Or maybe a free dance lesson from you ... LOL

  5. The displayed song is nice !! Drop dead diva? I like the tv series. And yes, you should stay connect with all your friends. : P Cheers

  6. william .. takde la.. camner nak buang kalau tak pernah pakai? he is very busy with his newly set company.. so ma seldom call him lo ;p

    whizkid .. yeah.. i really went to pray and thank my Mdm Kuan immediately after i solved the problem :)

    tz .. i dun have itchy hands.. i just got not so smart brain ;p

  7. twilight .. thats so kind of u ..but i scared pass the whole mac to u lorr.. later u leak out all my ;p

    anonymous.. u watch that series oso? nice rite? can;t wait for season 3... btw.. whats ur name ya?


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