Wednesday, April 27, 2011

FREEZE ! no... Shake !!!

I was talking to a member ( Malay lady, in her 20s ) before the class. And i found out something unexpected ( at least for me la ;p ).

Her : You ajar menari full time ke?

Me : Takde la. Freelance part time je. You kerje kat mane?

Her : Bukit Aman.

Me : ( hold for 2 seconds ) Huh? So u ni polis ye?

Her : A aah. I ngan member i yang sorang to pun sama.

I swear to God that i can never tell their profession based on their look. Cos both of them looked like those sales person in branded shops like LV or Bvlgari, and they dance really well. Gosh, i think i must start to talk more to the members, see if there's any other shocking professions from them. Mana tau lah kan? Maybe some of them work as real show Diva lerr? Boleh lah mintak tunjuk ajar sikit kan? lol ;p

After that conversation, i came up with one conclusion ~ I AM AWESOME :

We always see police asking people to "FREEZE!!! Don't Move! " in the movie. Well, i think i am more powerful that them. Cos i get to ask them to shake their body instead. Hahahaahahahahahahahhaaha. ;p


  1. uh~ can do uniform session, dance in uniforms.

  2. never judge a book by cover.. you are right, i think you stand a good chance to open up your social networking since you meet different people attending your class.. go social social and you such got jakso.. :p

    BTW, i don't understand this sentence leh Her : A aah. I ngan member i yang sorang to pun sama

  3. justin .. uniform themed class? interesting.. but i'll have hard time deciding which uniform to wear ;p

    sk .. haha.. i juts got my '1st' police fren ;p
    ( A aah. I ngan member i yang sorang to pun sama = I dengan member yang seorang itu pun sama = u huh, me and another member oso the same )

  4. I had on many occasions being mistaken for a gym instructor/yoga instructor, hehe.... Well, judging from the book's cover, it is quite understandable that they jump to such conclusions, :P (Don't throw up after reading this, haha.....)

  5. jade .. i think it's ok worr.. cos you have the body for it ( i won't simply deny things one.. ;p )

  6. It sounds like fun to find out what they really are! :) (just like discovery channel...hehe)

  7. wow. they also got time to gym?

  8. zidane .. a wor.. cos u can never expect what u'll get out of them :)

    bong .. they dun work 24/7 on call one la ..


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