Saturday, April 30, 2011


Hmm.. there's been comments / complaints that i seldom talk to the members before or after classes. I know that it is good to do so, then i can get their feedbacks on the class as well as creating a good instructor-member relationship. Besides the fact that i'm SHY ( ;p ) and anti-social at the same time, but there's actually another reason that holding me back on talking to them too much ... 'gossiper'.

Yup, sometimes there's some very 'friendly' members who like to share with me informations about other members. Most of them are not good infos. Not that i'm not into gossiping, but i just like to be involved only in what i am interested with. That's why i try not to get too chatty with them, instead of shutting them off. FYI, I've identified a few person 'shoot!-he/she-is coming' list. ;p

What will you do if the members approach you for some gossips next time?
( Remember, you cannot upset them ;p )

But i have to admit that i sometimes overheard some of their gossips, and it's juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuicy. LOL ;p


  1. Come to think of it, I did shamelessly complain to you about one particular lady in the class, oh well, that must be more than a year ago and I did feel a little guilty after that. Thank goodness she is no longer with us. Am I being classified as a gossiper as well???

    One good way to avoid being involved in the gossiping business is to attend classes right on the dot, never too early so that you have no time to spare for such untoward activities.

  2. i tried not to talk too much too. cuz i realized hours later that sometimes, i said something so wrong and so stupid i thought i was so smart at the point of saying them.

  3. jade .. oh .. it doesn't count if we are gossiping on the same l;p btw, no wonder u r so ' on-time' nowadays ;p

    bong .. haha.. that one always happened to me.. and of cos.. always realized when it's too late ;(

  4. Just listen,and keep smiling~~

  5. sasa ... that's the last thing i want to do.. cos it will all show in my face... that i'm 'waiting' for him/her to finish ;p

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