Wednesday, April 13, 2011

face to face

I went for dinner with 2 friends last weekend. I think the last time we met is during Christmas last year. So when she saw me, she was quite excited. As usual, we asked about current life, etc. Not sure if she's over excited or that's her style, cos when she talk to me, she placed her face very near mine. Really near ( less than 20cm ).

I tried very hard not to move further back cos that is too obvious. Also to maintain my vogiu face from show how uncomfortable i was. Then i kept looking at other places to avoid staring right to her face.

Do you have any issue when people talk to you like.. really close to your face?

p/s : i got 2 ticket for Show Lo's 羅志祥 concert at Putra Stadium this Saturday. Don't think i want to go and get annoyed by thousands of screaming teenage girls. Scared later i tak boleh tahan and slap them one by one and ask them to shut up. LOL ;p
So, siapa mau?


  1. i never been to a concert wor...

  2. Circuit run this Saturday. No luck.

  3. bong .. i offer u tak nak ;p

    tz .. run tz run .. ;)

  4. Did you smell her breath?

  5. william .. no worr... but i was a bit worry.. trying to recall what i ate before that.. lol ;p

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  7. yeap...
    had some experiences like this.
    the most recent i remember is a guy tat i meet for the first time and we are not even friends.

    really close...

    he was like trying to challenge me... or watever, i just kept calm.. lol

  8. cally .. oo? if people first met i sure will step back.. u r really patient with him horr? ;)


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