Friday, April 22, 2011

wake up!

I went for my hair cut just now. As usual, my stylist came to me after they shampooed my hair. Then he started to work his magic on my almost difficult to manage/style hair. But this time i noticed something different. He was very chatty throughout the whole session. The told me like almost everything that i don't need to know ( his family members, their company trip, his love life, etc ) Inside my head i was like ... err, TMI. Finally, i asked him when paying at the cashier.

" Wah, today you very good mood horr? So chatty one? "

" Aiyo, very sorry lah. I have to talk, or else i'll fall asleep."

So happened that the company trip was the night before and they only reached home at 5am. Then have to report for work at 930am. That's why he must keep himself high/occupied by talk and talk.

" Why don't you take coffee?"

" Cannot la. Later my heart beat very fast."

" Oh, same like me la. "

I think i will either dance or eat non stop ( junk food ) if i want to keep myself awake, cos coffee is not an option for me. What about you?


  1. 是現在的咖啡太強了?


  2. i'll sleep to gain awake. :x

  3. if i can sleep then of course go to sleep to make myself awake again lor, haha.. or else just stand up and walk about or get some fresh air, don't just sit there..

  4. Please go take a mirror and check the top of your head. He may have accidently given you a bald spot ;)

  5. i rather close the shop.

  6. nate .. no la.. its just our 時辰八字 clash with the ;p

    justin .. u horrr? of cos if can sleep everybody oso go sleep la ;p

    sk .. walk to get fresh air? but what if u r trapped in the office?

  7. anton .. no la.. no bald spot.. just a rather different hair style this time... lol ;p

    bong .. its not his shop lerr..


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