Monday, April 11, 2011


I went back to Klang to have lunch with my family just now. During the meal, my little niece was touching and playing with her hair. So as a 'responsible' uncle, i told her :

" Don't play with your hair while you eat. You will dirty your hair."
( 吃飯時不要玩頭髮。等下弄骯髒頭髮。)

Right after i gave her the advise, i turned to my sister and laughed. Cos i thought my advise was so SALAH! ;p

Can you see what is so SALAH about it?
( answer's below )

Answer :
As an adult ( with a matured and right thinking mind ), we should advise the kids not to play with their hair while eating ... cos it is UNHYGIENIC !!! Get it now? lol ;p

Hmm.. i am so glad cos i am so CONSISTENT ( on being shallow ) with almost everything i do/say. ;p



  1. correct lah.. nothing wrong what... if hair dirty, hair will kena your face end up face not clean too... so your statement correct lah...
    unless u say dont play with you hair while eating, later your hair not nice.. that would be different story

  2. Just a different point of view. Food in their hair is just as unhygienic.

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  4. 不觉得有什么问题啊。

  5. paul .. but i should concern more on her stomach than her hair ma...;p

    william .. thats y i know i'm not a good parent ;p

    eunice .. hello hello.. i think u oso qualify to become vice president ;p

  6. justin .. thanks fro the info.. will check with u on the details soon :)

    bong .. then we both same same lo.. not a good ;p


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