Saturday, April 16, 2011


I went to a studio to do a trial class. So as i was waiting for my turn outside the studio ( next to the recep counter ), i overheard an auntie talking to the receptionist :

Auntie : Who is that guy ahh?

Recep : Oh, he is the instructor for the 730pm dance class.

( she looked at me and turned to the receptionist )
Auntie : He can meh? ( in a very sarcastic and doubtful tone )

I really felt insulted by her statement. I never came across anybody that is so rude! Dah lah badan macam badak, mulut pulak laser tak insured. I told myself : she is my victim tonite. LOL ( 此仇不報非大嘴。哈哈。)

Thanks to that auntie, cos she really 'boost' up my energy throughout the whole class. And the feedbacks from other members :
They can't wait for me to have my own class there. :)

BTW, i saw her after the class. She was sweaty and half dead. ( mission accomplished ;p )

如果她是說 ‘他能嗎?‘ 我都不覺得怎樣。‘他能咩?‘ 那個‘‘真的很讓我火大!;p

The moral of the story is :
Don't bitch about others when they are right in front of you. ( so twisted and salah kan? lol ;p )


  1. Bagi chance sikit la... Badak sudah nak pupus...

  2. i do that too , especially to aunties ,i look at them and say : like that also people want to have sex meh , sohai!

  3. Sure can understand your feeling...hehe

  4. sudah lah tu a day really a lot of low moral educated rich housewives are our customers and always appear in our life. i did teach some of them lessons in sina site too. hahahaha! cause i beh tahan people like that too!!!

  5. william .. apa nak buat? kalau badak tu nak sangat pergi langgar pokok .. biarlah dia ;p

    bong .. meaning? u will treat the patients differently ahh? scary nyer ;p

    anonymous .. ooo.. thats a bit strong huh? not all like that la ;)

  6. zidane .. kan? kena cucuk depan mata.. mesti lah nak bagi sikit color dia tengok ;p

    athena .. luckily so far i only met one of them lol ;p


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