Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I. I. I.

I was chatting with a friend when he suddenly asked me :

" Are you an "I", "I", "I" person? "

" Huh? "

" "I", "I", "I" as in "ME", "ME", "ME". Everything-is-about-you-All-that-matters-is-you-person? "

" ( without any hesitation ) ABSOLUTELY. :) "

" You are so selfish. ;p "

Okay, this is my very own philosophy/ theory :

I must love MYSELF before I can love others.
I must take care of MYSELF before I can take care of others.
I must help MYSELF before I can help others.
I must satisfy MYSELF before I can satisfy others.
I must smile to MYSELF before I can smile to other.
dan banyak lagi ...

So in a way, I put an I before everything I do. And i don't think it is a bad thing to do. Especially in this cold and cruel world. Are you an I, I, I person as well? ;p


  1. The self is the single most important subject of one's being. Any act is self-serving simply because one desires the act to be so.

    Yes, that includes all the altruistic, selfless and pragmatic crap that people espouse.

  2. of course. i'm not happy. you should not be too.


  3. That's because you are not a parent yet, my dear!
    When you have kids of your own, there is no more I, ME or MYSELF, everything will be about he or she first!! Your lives practically revolve around them. If any of their activities clashes with Danny Huang's class and mummy has to chauffeur them around, there goes her favourite dance class :((

  4. deicidal .. wow.. ur comment i really deep.. not sure if i can get the meaning right.. cos i have a shallow mind..lol ;p

    bong .. no la no la.. that is a bit too harsh liao.. i think it should be : dun expect me to make u happy when i'm not happy.;p

    jade .. really? cos all i can remember from ur comment is : Danny Hwang ( not Huang ;p ) + favorite dance class.... LOL.. its all about ME ME ME ;p


Good comment makes me happy.. bad comment get my attention ;)