Wednesday, April 6, 2011

me & my big mouth

As an instructor, we are suppose to create a fun environment for our members. Encourage them to shout, to smile, to get loose, and of cos ... to get seksaaaaaaayyyyy.;p

Normally i will do the full routine with them towards the end of the class. And i'll tell them to pretend that we are shooting a MV. So that they'll give me everything that i need, the steps, the energy and the facial expression. So i told them :

" Please remember to give me the sexy face ya.. Bagi i muka sesundal-sundalnyer ok?... hahaha..."

Then i looked at them. Oh crap! I think i might have used the wrong word cos some of them looked a bit shocked. ( fyi, 70% of my members are kakaks and makciks, and once a blue moon, some 'abangs' sesat lol ;p )

So now i just have to wait and see if the attendance drop in the next class. ;(

Do you think segatal-gatalnyerr is more appropriate than sesundal-sundalnyerr? but i was really hoping for sundal face worrr....;p

Am currently in love with Who Says by Selena Gomez. It's like a younger and happier version of Pink's Fucking Perfect. So happy that there's so many nice songs with positive messages nowadays. Cos i think we all really need that.
*posted it at side bar, enjoy :)


  1. That's quite a vulgar word to use. I think attendance will increase next class. XD

  2. what is sesundal-sundalnyer mean? My BM is not good :(

  3. You know it means bitchy slut or prostitute! The aunties might feel young and wanted again... next class they will wear transparent and kinky neon bras.

  4. wah, sesundal-sundalnya?? what a bombastic word, if you tell me this i really won't know what you mean.. anyway, just use the word sexy lah, i think we will understand what you want lah, less is more sometimes~~ :)

  5. sesundal sundalnyer!! i'd probably stay away from u if i were one of those 'makciks'...but hell, yeah that was funny like OMFG funny!

  6. william .. really ? vulgar meh? die la.. juts hope that the attendance won;t drop..

    tz .. i think the meaning should be ' as slutty as possible '

    twilight .. haha.. i really don;t mind worr.. if they come in all those crazy outfits.. then i can join them oso.. lol ;p

  7. sk .. i was too high while conducting class.. maybe i should install a filter in my mouth lol ;p

    anonymous .. really ? i won;t come again huh? that serious ahh?


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