Monday, April 25, 2011


(no offense to all the aunties out there ok ;p )

I was tapao-ing my lunch at the kopitiam when i heard this conversation between he auntie next to me with the mixed rice taukeh ( old and ordinary looking uncle ). I was like .. man, this auntie really can say anything just to get some advantages ( in this case, a bigger piece of chicken wing ) ;p

Auntie : 老細,幫我打包一件雞翼。
( Boss, give me a piece of chicken wing )

Boss : 好,要邊一件啊?
( OK, which one you one )

Auntie : 是旦啦,俾件好似你甘靚仔過我啦。哈哈。
( Just give me the one as smart as you la. Ha ha ha )

It's so funny, cos i really can't imagine a 'smart' looking chicken wing. Maybe next time i should ask for a piece of sexy taufu. ;p

( 我靚仔無?) ;p

Some people like to call others 靚仔 or 靚女 just to get their attention, but i can't really do that. Cos i think it's very LOW and tak VOGIU. Do you like it when stranger calls you that?

p/s : Hope the entry and the song will lead you to a good week ahead. :)


  1. this is very common lah, but i'm immuned to it already..

    小姐: 老闆, 西瓜甜沒有??
    老闆: 甜, 當然甜, 好像小姐你那麼甜..

  2. i'm definitely not a sweet talker.

  3. I can't do that too... I just... can't.

  4. When I start talking.... my friend will say I am a flirt =.=" ahahahahaha

  5. Sweet talker... Depends on my mood.

  6. sk .. i know i know.. i totally heard this conversation at the fruits stall... so lame kan? ;p

    bong .. same here.. thats why i think we can hang out together ( although not very often ;p )

    kokhua .. cos deep down inside the heart, we know that that is so FAKE , kan? :)

  7. whizkid .. natural flirt talker i see.. so envy la.. cos when i start talk..i normally kill all the mood ;p

    tz .. hmm .. tak sangka nyerr lol ;p


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