Thursday, April 28, 2011


I was busy dressing up the mannequins in the window. Then a man came in the shop and talked to the staffs ( which i found out from the staff later that he is the new manager dunno from which department. always acting bossy and they dun really like him ). I heard that he was getting some infos form the staff on me ( i'm not their/his staff cos i am doing freelance for the company ). Then he slowly walked to near to the window and talked to me ( of cos, with a rather bossy tone ) :

Him : So,點啊?
( So, how? )

Me : Err, OK.
( in my heart : 你邊位啊?同你好熟啊? )

Him : 全部shop做完啦?
( Done all the shop? )

Me : 哩個第6間。
( This is the sixth shop. )

Him : 幫 D mannequin著多幾件衫,先有耶睇嘛。
( Put more merchandise on the mannequins, so that it got more things to see. )

Me : 全部都係 merchandiser set好的worr。
( The merchandise display was set by the design team )

I was like WTH? ( ok, WTF? ) First, you talked to me without introducing yourself. Then you try to tell me how to do my job ( which btw, this is already the 6th shop. and sounded so CINA MAN. ( cos CINA MAN is a bit kiasu. they want to show off everything to the world at once ) It's SUMMER, of cos they will wear lesser. Why not put the whole SUMMER Collection in the window la, more things to see! ;p

Back to the self-introduce thing. I have a habit of introducing myself first when i call other people :

a) Hello Mr Ng. This is Danny Hwang here. ( Formal )

b) Oooi, Danny ah. ( Informal )

I am kinda annoyed by people who call and straight away talk. Cos some of them really OVER-estimated themselves ( you sounded slightly different on phone OR you use your office phone instead of mobile ) And he best is they 'privated' their phone number and expect me to know who is calling when there's no caller's number! ;(

So do you do that? I mean introduce yourself first every time you make a phone call?


  1. I wonder how long can the new manager holds his position, or rather stay in this company/ any workplace :p

  2. 今時今日咁嘅管理態度已經係唔得架喇~~

  3. u don "oi" him back? who are u?

  4. U should introduce urself especially when u r a total stranger. =) That manager is real kia-su. He wanna show his "power"..hahaa

  5. double posts today wor....

  6. anthony .. dunno lerr.. according to the staffs.. he is quite new la

    sk .. rite? he thought that everyone will know him just becoz he is the manager ;(

    bong .. my mother got teach me manner one.. furthermore .. i have no interest to know him ;p

  7. adrian .. 'u' as in me or him? apparently he showed his power to someone ( ie. me ) that dun give a damn ;p

    bong .. sekali sekala aje la ;p

  8. juz reply him, " u can send ur suggestion to the design team" lolz

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  10. I like and cannot agree more on all the above comments! Think his 狐狸尾巴 cannot hide very long!

  11. keo .. i just dun want to waste my time n energy entertaining him.. cos i dun know his real position yet lol ;p

    yas .. hmm.. we sure hope that the day will arrive soon .. real soon :))


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