Sunday, April 24, 2011

放過我吧, dear ~

I'm currently working on a project with a group of people. A group of very friendly and sweet ( genuine but a little bit in too sweet ) people. Coz they called everybody "dear" when they talk.

A to B : Dear, please pass me that book.

B to C : I don't think it's this side la, dear.

C to Danny : See you tomorrow dear. Don't be late ya?

Danny to all : OK, bye. ( that's typical me, so cold to everyone ;p )

I'm not saying it's a bad thing but i just can't stand all the 'dear's. I think i'm going to get diabetes very soon if i keep talking to them. ;p
I don't think that i call other people like that ever. I have to admit that i'm not a sweet person. Bitchy and slutty? Yes. ;p

Are you a sweet person? Do you like to dear, darling, honey, pumpkin or sweety pie others?



  1. oh i actually quite like that woh, so warm.. imagine instead of just saying thank you, you say "oh, that's lovely darling".. :p

  2. next time in meeting u say "hey bitch! can you pass me that file?"

  3. I think people in love don't call each other by their names enough.

  4. sk .. err.. dun think u guys with get any of them from me in the next gathering lol ;p

    paul .. awwwww.. thats so sweet... this is what i call 'warm' and 'cozy' ;p

  5. deicidal .. err.. they are colleagues.. i guess they are really close and happy with each other la..

    tz .. no la.. i know they are not hitting on anybody... its just their way of talking.. which i dun really get it ;p

  6. i just call that to my lover :P lol

  7. You just don't understand sayang :P (not in your list, so I assume it's ok), there are actually people who like to be called any of those mushy and silly names, so what harm is there to give them a cheap thrill? And that include yours truly here. XD

  8. kokhua .. not me .. i normally coall ''oooi' or just call name lorr ;p

    jade .. i think i'll hv brain freeze i can call people those they shld ask me if i'm ok with the dears b4 calling me that .;p ( very demanding horr? ;p )


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