Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Just a short preview clip for my che-ches after Tuesday morning's class on what they are going to get next week.
Will upload the full clip if got chance ( and if i am wearing a nicer t-shirt with vogiuer facial expression lol ;p )

* check out the 'sakit kepala' & 'sakit perut' poses that i used in the dance. ;p

I wonder if the clip will somehow attracted you to try/join my class. Anyone?

Thanks Jade for the clip.


  1. wa~~ i'm like you so much after see this clip (*^^)
    too bad live so far away otherwise definetly will join your class.

  2. Wow Diva in motion!

  3. Oh wow! I'm going to learn that :P

  4. wah!!! so difficult one?? if i try that sure will get fracture everywhere, hahahaha!! :D

  5. Watching Danny dancing is like getting high on drug, only it is legal, and you get addicted, haha....

    While other dance instructors have to depend on some one else's step sheets to conducts classes, Danny choreographs his own dance, bravo to him!!!

    My son actually asked me: "Did you actually go for that kind of dance at the gym??" Hey sonny, I am not that old yet, okay? Hehe....

    Thank you Danny, for all your marvellous dances!!

  6. wow... i'm very impress. u r doin great!!
    by the way, will u feel a bit shy to do the knid of moves if some1 u knew in the class?
    cause i will. i cant imagine if me in ur class. XD

  7. sleepy pig .. tqtq .. i'm sure they have such classes at the gym in ur area :)

    kidult .. amazing? err.. dare not that take word la..the most is VOGIU onli ;p

    anton .. btw, when u guys going to try my class huh? i think i nvr really ask u guys horr? ;p

  8. kokhua .. if u r in klang valley, i can give u the free trial pass :)

    helen .. err CUTE? not really what i'm aiming for lorr. but tq :)

    sk .. aiya.. all ppl oso say difficult b4 they really learn la.. i'm sure u can gehh :)

  9. jade .. yooooooooooooorrrrr.. u say until like that.. i very paiseh one lerr.. later ppl think i PAY u to say such thing in my blog lol ;p but its great to know that ur son is amazed by u :)

    eunice .. i wont b shy la.. the most i will just laugh non stop.. so wanna try my class?

    savoir .. tqtq care to join ? u r still a student rite? sure very good in dancing as well :)

  10. charlene .. haha.. kamsia kamsia .. care to join? :)

  11. late comment, i know, but can u upload more of ur dancing videos? u look so good n fluid, damn i wish i could dance like u!
    p/s, am a lil' turned on watching u dance, guess i can't be joining ur class. sorry if u are offended by this comment.

  12. anonymous.. err. which one are u? cos there's a few anonymous here ( ;p ).. come la join my class.. btw, i love turning ppl on ( but they have to know when to turn off la ) ;p

  13. Danny!!!!!! wah!!!!! I love your butt wei!!!!! So firm and nice! Your grooving!!! Bravo. Phewit~~~~ Vogiu vogiu diva!

  14. freedom .. tqtq.. firm n nice? mana lu tau? ;p

  15. ada nampak la itu shape macam dumpling (I don't mean fat ok), very nice looking! Next time see you can spank sikit? :P

  16. freedom .. terima kasih la banyak-banyak cos i always thought that i have a flat ass.. not even ;p
    spank? pay first ;p

  17. Nice dance...
    I think you should be a good dancing teacher
    Gambateh ya

  18. sasa .. thanks thanks .. planning to join any dance classes?


Good comment makes me happy.. bad comment get my attention ;)