Tuesday, April 5, 2011

好一個 peter pan!

Was chatting with a friend and somehow ' Peter Pan' came in the picture. It seems that his colleague says that he is like peter pan, cos he looks really young, like college boy. ( padahal, he is older than me ;p )

Out of jealousy, i purposely twisted the meaning of peter pan by telling him that calling people peter pan is actually an insult. Cos when people said that you are like peter pan, don't be too happy. The actual meaning behind it is :

You are childish! Grow up! Stop dreaming!
( cos peter pan never grows up and stays in his ever magical neverland )

Jahat kan i? Create things yang bukan-bukan.
But i think it absolutely makes sense worr.
So don't be too happy if next time i say you are like peterpan ok?
Cos i just don't want to hurt/insult you directly.

I'm so glad that i just created a way to insult people without them realizing it.
I'm just so smart, vogiuly smart.
LOL ;p



  1. eeeeee Capten Hook! hahahahahaha joking joking. But it is smart move man. hahahahahaha. Peter pan.

  2. yeah, in my opinion when somebody says someone else is like a peter pan, it's actually not a good comment lor..

  3. Whoa, like dat oso can ar?!

  4. haha.. I thought peter pan can do magic.. :)
    Next time, i know what i should call people...

  5. whizkid .. what captain hook? i'm the evil big bad wolf...lol oppss salah cartoon ...lol ;p

    william .. apa nak dibuat? dah lah memang hasad dengki tu mangalir dalam darah kanda ....;p

    sk .. huh? i tot i felt that cos jealous.. u think its bad oso huh? ;p

  6. anton .. tell me what is cannot ? lol ;p big mouth is kinda fearless...lol ;p

    emo .. eh.. that one i got copyright one.. dun simply copy my bitchiness..lol ;p

  7. you are so evil, but i like your little revenge. :p

  8. justin .. not evil .. just a bit jealous... lol ;p


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