Saturday, April 23, 2011

let's fake it ;)

I always encourage my members to smile when dancing. So that people outside the studio won't think that i am torturing them. (;p) But most of them seems having trouble smiling and dancing at the same time cos to concentrate on remembering the steps. So i gave them an option ... FAKE IT. Yup, they just have to fake the smile by showing me some teeth and breath through their mouth. I don't mind at all. as i myself is quite fake as well. LOL ;p

There's also some other times that i need to put on my fake smile. Like when i'm meeting up with clients ( all becos of money ), being introduced to a new friend/stranger ( just trying to be less fierce ) , to my hairstylist ( to put him in a good mood ;p ), etc.

Is there a time when you have to force yourself to put a smile on your face? Don't tell me you always smile from the heart, cos i just don't buy it. ;p


  1. when we are serious remembering the steps and trying to synch our mind and body, we just cannot smile or even fake a smile lor, haha!!

    fake smile?? social networking events lor, sure will need to fake one lah.. everyone is doing that, so you are not faking also..

  2. Gosh I'm sooooo gonna read your body language the next time we makan. :P

  3. I'm hard to fake a smile if I moody...haha well, smile is good for others no matter it is fake or real :P

  4. I'll do that when I'm talking with someone that I don't like.

  5. we all wear MASKS . we wear them a lot ... that is society demands us to wear them .... :)

    from : sexy :)

  6. fake smile can only be done by those who've done plastic surgery which makes them so fake when smiling XD

  7. When I am happy or amused, my brain will send a message to the right nerves which will then reflexes the correct muscles to produce a smile, hence my smiles are all genuine, I smile from within my heart, so they said. You just have to buy that, coz I don't know how to fake one even if it annoys my dance instructor to no end!!!

  8. sk .. hmm.. maybe i should try to ask them to relax their mind.. so that they don;t concentrate too much on the steps.. then smile :)

    anton .. err.. u might have trouble doing that. my body language is always on the slutty mode. lol ;p

    ooi .. maybe u can teach us on that :)

  9. zidane .. i think i hv problem faking it too when i'm really angry ;p

    kokhua .. same la same la.. especially those colleagues that i have to face everyday ;p

    sexy .. yup yup.. but it also depends on whether the mask looks real or not :)

  10. anthony .. oh no no no .. everything on my face is natural. and yet, i'm still very good in faking smiles ;p

    jade .. oooo.. i don;t have to do that with ur group.. cos u all will start whatever u guys like on ur own without me saying anything...hahahahahaa ( m faking it now ;p )


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