Tuesday, April 12, 2011

drama in the sauna

After the class, i went to the sauna ( trying to sweat more ;p ). There was 3 of us in the sauna when an old fat Chinese uncle came in. He then 'selamba-ly' took out a bottle of scented oil and pour it onto the stones ( i dunno how to call that thing ). The whole sauna became so 'wangi' with his cheap scented oil. The scent was too strong that i went out immediately and coughed LOUDLY to protest. I think it's rose or something ( i don't mind if it's lavendar ;p )

We were so pissed cos he should ask us if we are ok with the scented oil before he pour it out. Cos who knows some of us might be allergic kan?

When i met up with a friend for dinner that evening, i told him that i was so regret how i handled the situation ... cough to protest. Cos it's so not me! He said, if i see that uncle again, this is what i should do:
Once he started to attack the sauna with his scented oil, i'll pretend that i got asthma or some breathing difficulties. Then look at him asking for help, hold his arm and FAINT. Biar dia terkencing dalam tuala!

That should be the way? Barulah match with my DRAMATIC attitude. You all think it's workable or not? LOL ;p

Another thing i cannot tahan is when people burp in the sauna. And the worst thing is fart. The smell !!!
It's so uncivilized kan? ;p


  1. yeah should have asked around if it's ok to drop the scented oil.. and another culprit is those who drip their sweat onto the sauna stove, KNS, don't think you are helping to create more steam but this is so unhygienic!!

  2. tell the uncle that if the oil he's using if not 100% pure essential oil, the high heat will destroy its chemical compound or worst releasing toxic into the air.

    i don't think the uncle is using pure essential oil. pure essential oil is too expensive to be used this way. it must be rm5 stuff from hinno shop.

  3. He might try to resuscitate you.

  4. how about if the uncle got heart attack then who will be indeed trouble?

  5. Is the sauna in Lorong Haji Taib ka? lolz

  6. later d uncle know cpr then suddenly done cpr on u....muahahahaha....:P kidding :P

  7. #medie007 : Which sauna got condom?

  8. bong .. u sure u were in a gym's sauna? lol ;p

    sk .. they try to save water ma.. ma use their sweat instead lo...lol ;p

    justin .. u really very patient horr? cos i was busy covering my nose.. and curse him in my heart .;p

  9. william .. choi... i am a good actor.. i know when to act and when to wake up lol ;p

    willk .. blame it to the scented oil then ;p

    anton .. no la.. dekat wangsa walk.. tak tau pulak u ni aktif kat lorong haji taib ;p

  10. thomas .. then i'll make sure i wake up b4 he touch me..;p

    tz .. err.. ;p


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