Friday, April 29, 2011

OMG! Sister?

I started to make a habit to get to know/ talk to my members more. So i walked together with this lady to the studio. I asked her where she work, and she replied :

" Jalan Alor. The CHURCH at Jalan Alor. "

Dunno what's wrong with me, cos i first thing that came to my mind is ... she's a NUN / SISTER ( cos she works in a church! i know, it's stupid ;p ). My goodness, Dah lah last week i discovered 2 policewomen joined my class. And now.. a NUN? I asked again, just to reconfirm. Then only i found out that she is a teacher of the kindergarten in the church.

Phewwwwwwwwwww !!!
Buat orang suspen aje. Ingatkan boleh lah buat sikit scene macam Whoopi Goldberg kat Sister Act.
" I will follow u......" LOL ;p

OK, this part of entry has nothing to do with the top one. After today's class, a member came to me and said :

" Danny, can you do something less sexy ahh? Very hard to 'digest' ( 吃不消 )la. "

Again, i'm flattered. ;p

( p/s : This is a very hectic and stress week for me. So just let me syok sendiri for a while )


  1. :)
    kinda true. saw ur video and like whoa... dont think i could join ur class without standing at the side.

  2. I can never go approach gym member to have a talk even if he join my class... Unless those I know for long time d... Shy shy..

  3. haha, cannot judge a book by its cover.. the most conservative looking people can be the unexpectedly craziest people, and the wild looking people can be very stubbornly conservative~~

  4. bong .. huh? u mean the video posted 20/4? haha.. i can assure u that .. there's nothing sexy at all in that clip.. wait for another clip with a more sexy choreography ;p

    harry .. errr...

  5. paul .. rite? rite? it's not that we dun want to.. just too shy la.. mana tau they dun want to talk to us kan? ;p

    sk .. totally agree.. just look at me with my bitchy look.. but deep down inside ... ;p


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