Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ada ke patut ?

Went to HKL with my father today for his SOCSO interview. I am not going to share with you about the interview, but there are some interesting things happened :

Interesting I :
First thing i noticed when i go in the hospital compound is - I can't find parking lot. I saw a lot of parking sign, but it's all for the staffs. I have to go round the hospital to find the visitors' parking lot. I think they have 6 staffs' desinated parking area and only 1 vistor parking area. And the area can only accomodate 100 unit cars. ADA KE PATUT ? But there are more than 100 cars rounding in that area. Everyone was double-parking. I found a good corner and parked.

Interesting II :
Went to register at the counter and was asked to wait. So we waited at the middle of the hall, together with other patients. And i saw a row of peach cloth screen at the centre of the hall. I smell something, something like curry. So i go peep behind the screen. Guest what? They are serving some buffet for the people who donated blood in the seminar hall next to the interview room. Hallo ? There's patients here, and its early in the morning. Everyone ( i think ) is starving. And you serve your food in front of us all? ADA KE PATUT ?

DAMN Interesting III :
We registered at 9.30am, went in the room at 11.15am and done by 11.20am. EXPECTED.
Then come the climax of the story. We went out from the hall and go to the carpark to get my car. OMG !! Some anak babi with poor driving skill scratched my car. And never even leave a sorry note. ADA KE PATUT??!!!

The Big Mouth, reporting from HKL.


  1. Leave a Sorry Note?? Arlloww..
    u tot zhou hei meh??

    if somebody is anak babi, he/she wont leave a note.

    if he/she leaves a note, she/he is not anak babi..

    make sense??

  2. poor danny........wake up early morning to hospital & car kena scratch pulak....

  3. Well....who is the Health Minister now ar??? Complaint!!!! Inefficient and bad services....i also tak boleh tahan with all these nonsense waiting waiting and wait until u wan to give up....Hmmm....abt your car scratch....well....not sure if may be the parking line is too narrow or that driver is too fat n in love of your car, so ma give u a kiss on the butt :p

  4. yeah...i know my butt is irresistable...HAHAHAHA


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