Thursday, April 10, 2008

Big Mouth Diary ( Part 2 )

Then I drove home to do some paperwork

It's already 1.30pm, no wonder i'm hungry.
So i ta pao Mc D lo..

After lunch, did some work, proposals and paperwork. Surf net..check mails..
By 4pm, it's time for me to go out again.
But before that, i need to refill the petrol..

Reach Bukit Bintang...traffic jam, as usual la..

Went to Starhill and Pavilion to check out the new client's boutique, to get more infos.

After the survey, I went to gym at about 7pm..while waiting, I work out a bit la..

After class very tired. Ta pao dinner then drove back. Eat and get some rest while watching tv.

Took shower and continue work..Check and update blog..
It's already 12.30am...going to sleep now..GOODNITE.

And that's more or less my daily routine la...
Boring kan?

Special thanks to :

~ Bee, for the lovely handmade Big Mouth doll
~ Tini ( RS ) for chatting to Big Mouth
~ Abang security guard for not stopping me when i take pictures in the malls


  1. eh, take pics while driving, so bahaya!

    also, your schedule doesn't seem to have slot for your heh-hoh naughty doings? me.

    xx win-ni

  2. Helo, greetings from the States. Interesting blog u have here =)
    Will visit more often, keep posting yea.

    doreen(ur ex kolik la who else)

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  6. hey doreen,

    how r u ....n ur husband?
    sorry cos didn't meet up with you the other day...
    anway, take care..n thanks for reading ;)

  7. wow, very creative ah the way you describe your daily life.... at least your days seem more interesting than mine.... and the sup sayur looks good "yum yum"


  8. MCS,

    u miss malaysia le? the sup sayur n the nasi goreng kampung...n the people here as well? ;p

  9. yes, i miss everything about malaysia, especially the silly pig


  10. Hey it's alright it was kinda last minute anyway. Might be going back next year CNY, maybe we can have a proper meet up then =)

    Ur blog is getting more & more interesting...I started one long time ago and it's probarly full of 'spider web' now..keke

  11. Very creative in recording your daily life....BUT.....that remind me of Mr.bean n that teddy bear day out......What's that bowl of thing for your dinner? Lo mee or what?

  12. doreen..must let me know ok..CNY? even better...can get angpow from u ...hihihi

    larry...i have that teddy bear as well, but too big o bring in bring la..later ppl think me siao !!

  13. wah.... big mouth became main actor in this chapter! bravo

  14. miss goh...thanks to u lo..;)
    u r the PRODUCER !!!


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