Friday, April 11, 2008

Go, Go Power Rangers...

What is your childhood heroes?
Superman? Spiderman? Thunder Cats? .....
Or is it Power Rangers?

I don't really have chance to do crazy things when i was small. No 3D figurines or giant posters of my favourite cartoon heroes. But when i grow up, i finally got a chance to meet them, in person..

See? Not all superheroes are serious..;)
( Picture taken when we did the Power Rangers show @ Sg. Wang during Christmas. )


  1. xiang likes power ranger very much.......

  2. u hv any power ranger toys ah?

  3. No worr... we just act as them ma...not selling them..

  4. haha.. if koko sell the power ranger.. xiang also dare not to take..

    coz so BIGGGGG...


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