Friday, April 18, 2008

Romantic...Yang Tak Jadi

Why sometimes ROMANTIC is just not the same as what we imagine?
Here's some NG for the making of "ROMANTIC ... yang tak jadi".

TAKE 1 :

I was in Paris last May. Actually quite excited before i go to The City of Love. But once i reached there, everything was out of control. The weather was super cold, and the wind was quite strong. I didn't prepare any thick clothing. Then i got headache, maybe because of the jetlag and cold weather. But still manage to tour around the city. Damn. Everything there is really expensive. None of the above suggested the idea of romantic to me.

When i came back, my friends asked : "Paris worr, ROMANTIC or not?"
I looked at them : " Huh." and roll eyes.

TAKE 2 :

My friend wanted to surprise his girlfriend. So he litted up some candles ( about 10 blocks ) in her room while she was in the shower. He thought that it would create a ROMANTIC atmosphere with the candle lights, and he could get some ehmm-ehmm from her later that night. But this "Sin-ka" friend of mine forgot that they don't have aircond in the room. So when his girlfriend went in the room, it was super warm, like sauna. She quickly blow off all the candles and scold my friend. And then go back to shower again, cos too hot.

Do you think that my friend still get any ehmm-ehmm from her that nite?

TAKE 3 :

I watched this episode of Kang Xi Lai Le. It was Xiao S sharing her honeymoon experience. Her husband wanted to give her a memorable and ROMANTIC evening. So he brought her to the beach to see the sunset. But Xiao S is a straight-forward and realistic person ( just like me ). So when her husband ask her : " Don't you think that the sunset is so beautiful?" She answered : " Err...yes..........and then???? " Cos she felt like wasting her time looking at the sun going down, and she get nothing !


ROMANTIC will only happened when it is the right timing, right place and the right person who know how to appreciate it.


  1. thanks for visiting my blog. i like the solphie zelamnie's going home as much as i like faye wong's 乘客 (chinese version).

    u have great taste, too!

    i watched the episode of kangxilaile too, it was funny. romance is not romantic all the time.

  2. Wayne, i thought you are like Selina's father (Ren Ba), honeymoon filled with ehem-ehem stuffs.

  3. Romantic.. I never felt that before with my ehem-ehem.. sei mei? hahaha..


  4. wayne...only ppl with same taste sense each other ;)

    shinji...tq for telling me more things abt wayne ;p

    j...nvm, realistic ppl live longer than romantic ppl ...LOL

  5. bloody shinji, dont ever compare me to someone who is so much older than me, ok?

    i m very innocent, i dont know what "erhem-erhem" means.. haha...

    danny, u dont need to noe more about me from shinji.. he ll only ruin my image. u can ask me urself.

  6. ok ok, stop flooding danny's comment. You'r old enough to know what ehem ehem is d. Dont fake!

  7. live longer?? er.. i doubt about it tho.. LoL


  8. "Thus with a kiss I die." Quoted from Romeo & Juliet

    How do you explain this verse?
    a) I shall kiss you and,then I die?
    b) With your kiss, i shall die?
    c) Your kiss makes me die.

    (O Sorry O Sorry, for i am serving notice now; a little bit free to write)

  9. pity the boyfriend, bersusah payah arrange everything for the girlfriend....


  10. mcs..ya lo pity him..cos sometimes clever ppl over never think twice before do ;p


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