Sunday, April 13, 2008

Where i parked my car?

( Special dedicated to Sherry )

Went to One Utama to meet a friend for lunch and discuss on some projests the other day. As usual, she was late...20 mins..Once she saw me, she straight away apologise, cos she knows that i hate people who are late.:(

We then proceed with the discussion. Everything firmed up, then makan.

When we about to leave for carpark, she suddenly stopped ! And she asked me : " Where i parked my car?! "
She was in a hurry when she park her car just now cos already late. And she forgot where she parked. So, i have to help her to trace her car lo, by asking a lot of questions...What shop that you saw on the way up from carpark? What color or logo of the pillar?

Finally, we found her car.
So i told her something that i saw which might be useful for her ( and you as well ) :

I was at Mid Valley the other day. Parked my car and stayed in the car cos it's still early for my appointment. Then a car came and parked next to me. It was a lady driver. She came out from her car. Lock it and took out her handphone. She then snapped the picture of the pillar nearest to our car. Hmm... this is a good way...she is smart...

So if you think that you have a bit of direction-disorder, you can try this way. Sure you won't get lost ;)

A community service brought to you by The Big Mouth.


  1. Haha.. I think this blog can be dedicated to me as well.. IF back to previous time.. But now.. Sorry.. I have improved!.. =P

    Btw, that method.. I have started to use it after I forgotten where I parked my car in One U (as well!!) and searched for it.. For more than 1 hour!..

    Sherry.. you better learn..


  2. Yes, i think i lagi worst than the lady you mentioned... because i can't even recognised neither the parking lot nor the road to take my car... how come i so "cha" in this matter ler, must ask God to Bless me... (Anyhow, special thanks to Alice for guidance :) and you also danny to remind me that i'm not the only "Alien" in this case, haha)

  3. Sherry,

    Next time u go out...bring some bread with you..and throw the pieces along the road la ( ala Hansel and Gretel ) you know your way home . LOL

  4. haha.. this idea is good and alan already practiced it long time. i am so surprice when he took out his camera phone to snap, some more i ask him, "hey, what are u doing here? dont do silly thing!!!" hahaha.. i am so paisey after he told me, "snap to remember where i park la" -_-lll

  5. Management of Pyramid is encouraging shoppers to do so by posting notices on the pillars.

    Smart aye!

  6. really?

    shame on KLCC, Mid Valley & 1 Utama ;p

  7. I always do that....must fully utilise the function in your handphone....and keep your brain to think and remember other matters....too much thing to remember in mind....busy life of a human being


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