Tuesday, April 29, 2008

UPs and DOWNs

It was a hectic week.
A week that is full of ups and downs.
All the overwhelming offers and opportunities made me happy and excited.
Then the long wait and some cancellations pulled me back to reality.

I used up all my emotions and feelings in that week.
So now i am just an 'emotionless' living object.....

Up or Down?
You decide.


  1. down, slightly.

    *ding dong*
    Lower Ground Floor.
    Car Park.

  2. Too many UPS and DOWNS for me in this month too!.. When are you free to hv a chat with me ar GJ???? Let's vent out our emotion together gether...........


  3. shinji...basement 18. ngam mou?

    AM...me now can die cannot sick ah..mayb c u in another 6 months la...lol

  4. u got see BIG MOUTH good one meh?

  5. that is so not going to happen on me ;)
    cos i be gd to others..they will think that i am sick..;p

  6. that's y u only fall sick once a while...

  7. another 6 months ar GJ??? omg.. faint!..


  8. i m gonna fly up high n get down in malaysia soon~~ yeah

  9. welcome back lo..with all ur reserved 'stock'.....dunno who is the victim...;p

  10. cheh.. forget bout the reserved stock pls

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