Friday, April 25, 2008

Memoirs of Big Mouth ( Part 5 )

2007 ( 30 years old )
- quit RS - for good
- big change in my life - work as FREELANCER
- i'm 30 years old - finally...and i know i look even better ;p
- started my dance instructor life
- went to Singapore, London ( UK ), Paris ( France ) & Rome ( Italy )

BIG MOUTH talk :
1) Bye bye employee pass
There is 1 thing that i am famous for in RS ~ I've been to their annual dinner 6 times. And i won Best Dressed 4 times. Glamour-nya aku...

2002 - Night of Glamour ( as MYSELF ;p )
2003 - Bolloywood Night ( as the Creative Director of Vogue India - lol )
2005 - 70's Night ( forgot to bring camera )

2006 - Around the World ( as the Guest of Honour for Fashionista Africana ;p )

2) My 1st time overseas holiday for so long - 3 weeks
Really an eye opening trip...learn a lot of things about other people's culture..good and bad...but at the end of the trip...i came up with 1 conclusion ... MALAYSIA is still the best ;)
Paris, France

Rome , Italy

London, UK


  1. Yr 2002- Night of Gamour...hmmm....u r in that....Miss Absolute Faboulous???
    Erm.....i think u kind of skip your life in Mxxxxx.....??? Not worth to mention as it is too short?

  2. HeyHey.. U look really hiao la in that pic with ice-cream.. LoL


  3. larry...2002 i was still with RS la...i did mention Melium ma..

    J...hiao and happy is very different huh...mayb whatever i do oso suggest that...sigh...

  4. shinji...u blow ahh?
    if u jeles...u can hiao together la ;p

  5. no way!!! hiao is ur middle name, but not mine!! no way no way choi choi choi~

  6. i know ur middle name...賤
    correct bo? lol

  7. wahahhaha
    wayne's is, not me.

  8. eh i cant paste the html code here la... how i gip u ler?

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. danny hiao~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    bless u panjang too.

  11. no need so panjang umur long as i hidup tak sia-sia...i cukup makan enuff liao

  12. excuse me. for ur info, mr shinji, i dun hav a middle name. i only hav last name and first name.

    no 賤.

    i m good

  13. jin = 賤
    good = 好

    so is urs 好賤?

  14. wala...I like the costume.


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