Saturday, April 12, 2008

Time...more time please !

Is it me or the world is actually moving faster and faster?

I have been rushing like hell lately. A lot of things that i planned to do is still in my 'to-do' lists. And the list is getting longer and longer. Always reach home around 10.30pm. After dinner and shower, not much time left for me to do other things. I have to get enough sleep or else you will regret to meet me the next day! Bought some design and fashion magazines few days ago, but still not yet finish flipping ( yes, flipping, not even reading yet ) anyone of them.

How i wish if i can stop the time just for a while. Not that i am worry to get older, cos i know, i am getting wiser day by day. But just need more time to settle my stuffs.

" Time goes by, so slowly.......~ Hung Up, Madonna "

Me : Yeah rite !!! :(

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