Friday, April 4, 2008

Friendship remains...

As i was flipping thru my old folder, i found this picture. It was taken way back in 2003, when i was still with RS.

Her name is Lina, one of my colleague and closest friend ( still ). I always teased her, i call her Ning, or Kakak ( as in Indon maid ). Cos she really have the full package to be one ...haha..I called her just now...told her that i am going to blog about her...She is excited, but worry, cos i told her about the old picture that i found.

There were so many funny and stupid things happened on us..I still remember once we acted in my car. It was in front of the traffic light where there is a lorry stop next to us. The driver was a bit 'kepoh' la...checking out on we start our drama...I pretend to slap her and slam her head to the window glass...and she pretend crying and asking for help..then i burst out laughing cos 'cannot tahan'. The driver was shock but dunno what to do when he see me laughing and she was crying...

Lina, i know you are going to read this blog..Do you still remember the incident where the cashier from Jusco treated you like a maid when i ask you to help me to put the groceries in the trolley?...Well, i have to say, with the way you carry yourself, hard to believe that you are not a maid, especially standing next to some VO-GUE people like me ( hahahaha ). Padan muka la, saper suruh pakai cam tu?..

I know u takkan marah i cakap macam tu kan? Cos we are same same...kepala angin...
And thank you so much for being a good listener, friend and eat-mate ;p
So, attached is the picture for you to recall our sweet old crazy memories la...

And we are proud to be the VIP member of PMBGM...


p/s : VO-GUE people not in good shape when this picture was taken ;p


  1. not only not in shape, but look also, ummm, not nice. ha ha ha

    but now, few years later, both look and shape are much better. very VOGUE.

    the blind one

  2. Erm.....kepoh kepoh here.....Gosh....guess this pict must be taken century ago...the Danny now is so different.....well....i think ie better...more handsome and cute but yet still BIG MOUTH

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