Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Confessions....

Everyone in this world have their own weakness.
Me too...cos i am a human being. ( abothen? )

So, what is my weakness?
Or shall i say, what was my weakness?
Yes...being a SHOPAHOLIC ;))
( my excuse : well, i can't help it. most of us in creative line shop to reduce the stress )

As i was doing some spring cleaning at my wardrobe today, i found out that i have too many clothes than i can remember. 98, 99, 100, 101, 102,...... OMG! I can wear them for almost 4 months without repeating wearing the same cloth twice. And to my surprise, i can't even recall when i bought some of them ?...meaning i never wear them before...and still in their packaging.

Then i checked on my shoes.. I AM A SHOES FETISH AND I LOVE SHOES....can't help looking at a pair of nicely designed shoes. And you should know what will happen when i see one.

What you see here is just part of them, cos a lot more in the boxes....dare not open and check..LOL

Weakness can be cured.
I hope mine too...i know i am slowly improving already.

What is the moral of the story after you read my confessions?
The answer is :
"Spring cleaning is HORRIBLE !"

No wonder we only do it once a year, so that we won't get heart attack.


  1. such a 'weakness' you have...

  2. Er.... it depends actually.
    Personal perception! xD

  3. though u hav a lot of clothes and shoes, but they are nicely arranged. not bad~

  4. shinji...( speechless )

    wayne... tqtq..but clearly you still don't know anything abt my job huh? i am a VM = display artist la..and i'm a virgo..

  5. VM is a shortform for??
    Virgo... and Virgsomething else or not??

  6. VM = visual merchandiser ( another name for Display Artist )

  7. i noe VM...

    i m a libra!

    i worked as a sale assistant at a boutique before.. in my perception, VM is someone who ll pick on the promoters n criticize them for not displaying the garments as they are supposed to, according to him/her... kinda mafan ppl. haha.. joking.

  8. wayne..
    u r absolutely right !!! cos sometimes promoters thought that they have the sense or artistic and beauty...tolong sikit..and that's when my big mouth do laser

  9. ic, sounds like an interesting job!
    moreover u got a chance to 'fatt sit' on those promoters. hehe.

  10. shinji...
    sorry ya, we are professionals...we dun 'fatt sit' on ppl....we just want them to realise that they dun have the gift of being creative..just keep it to what they are good at ~;p

  11. pft~ hahahaha! luckily i'm not in the 'selling' field.

    so good boy staying at home on a saturday nite?

  12. bad boys flood the clubs
    good boys flood the comment boxes..

  13. and yeah we are the good boys...

  14. good boy just came back from a movie on sat noon. n, good boy works on sat nite. haha

  15. I think you should capture my room and share with your friend, I can bet you, no one can have such a bedroom!.. too classic..

    guess shinji and wayne will shock!!

    p/s: joking only la. dont make me malu!

  16. I also like shoes....but still can't beat you....never know that u have so many.....will work on towards that goal n have more shoes!

  17. hi larry...nothing to do while serving notice huh? ;p

    ugly ppl need more stuffs to beatify themselves i buy a lot of stuffs lo..

  18. i rmb last time visited yr house, your wardrobe don't hv such many cloths. now that room seems like become your "boutique" room liao ;p

  19. time if i got end of seaon sale i call you la...give u special discount ;p

  20. Wa....."warehouse" sale ar....must invite me as well additional discount or not?
    Ya very free while serving notice....:p

  21. Please let me know when u do not want ur shoes.. I will go and grab!!!! Thanks.. =P



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