Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Same old, same old

Went to dinner with Mika, Sheali and Hayden just now.They brought me to a place that i missed so much ~ the famous "look-look' stall in Klang. Once i reached there, i can see that most of the things are still the same. Same uncle, same mini fork, same wall color.....I think the last time i went there was at least 10 years ago, when i was still in secondary school. What a great feeling, to revisit some place that means something to you ;)

Mika & Sheali ~ the 2 Divas in my class

Hayden ~ the always dance half way guy ;p

The things they served are good...every bite is full of my childhood/young memories. I keep on telling them my old storyies when i was there long time ago.

Hungry ghosts came out earlier this year ;p

Ta daaa.....there goes our hard work at the studio...

I've been staying in KL for more than 10 years. I think it's good to go back and eat at the places that i used to go once a while...just to enjoy the moment and memories...


  1. wah wah wah...reli so fast post it to yr blog ???

    hope u rmb de process of eating cheese sausage...hahaha...

    HL...DUTCH LADY ???

  2. lau mana satu?

  3. hmmm...tak ada touch up kat photos hor....I am just looking at the Chilli, sambal....cant resist that....not too fancy on balls thingy....someone kind of forgot to continue on Memoirs of Big Mouth, must have part 3 wan ma.... from year 2003 till now leh....cacat la the Memoirs half way and cut production and put in Cold Storage???


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