Thursday, April 24, 2008

Memoirs of Big Mouth ( Part 4 )

2006 ( 29 years old )
- still with RS
- a very ordinary year
- went to Bangkok

BIG MOUTH talk :
1) trip to Bangkok..and see what i brought back ;))

2) It was my last year before i hit the big 30. So i decided to do something while young. So i participated in this fashion show..and guess what? I was the WINNER !! I didn't tell a lot of people about this.
Now who say that short leg people can't model? ;p

3) Went to Eason Chan's concert....BRAVOOOOO


  1. fashion guru, teach me wat to wear for my college prom and colleagues' weddings???

  2. no prob...first of all..PAY ME.....then baru mula cerita ;)

    i nvr met u.. how i know what is gd on u wo?

  3. Erm.... What's good for short ppl??

  4. Walaueh...u shopoholic...real satisfaction rite...the elephant for hug hug is it? cos seldom see real man buy it...wahaha

  5. shinji....err...something tat is not too long lo...( soalan cepu emas ;p ) siapa?

  6. behtee...saja kacau2 u...

  7. harroow behtee...
    welcome free come sit sit la :)

  8. definately...i comment something before on ur previous write up...u go find find lah...

    short legged also boleh jadi champion...u memang born to be a champpion...haha

  9. i win bcos of my confident...not my look...guess i was born to be shine on stage..HAHAHAAH

  10. i surely agree woh...but the look also not too bad lah...boyish n i said before...

  11. .....
    so how so how??? tak nak jawapan kosong la. haha

  12. i know wo? cos i dunno how u look like..cannot simply suggest ma..later drop my water face la..what is the theme wo? metropolitan? just passed by today... more boy la...uncle liao.;)

  13. the chinese paper if not mistaken frm singapore rite..heard of 988 when i was in JB...soli i can't read...banana...maybe u summary lah 4 me wat it said...

  14. Pass by also din say hi.
    The theme is Hollywood nite, but i'm the staff so no need to ikut theme gua...

    Ask for your advise really need to pay meh??? yor..

  15. la..China Press...nothing much la..just describe our clothing...organisers..and winner list lo...was organised by 988 and Sg Wang...

  16. shinji...hollywodd hai mai? easy la...just wear like a super star...if u hv skinny legs...wear skinny jeans..really IN now..pair it with white shirt...and maybe can hv some colors on the shoes lo...a bit of accessories would be nice...but dun over do it wo..if not look like xmas tree ;p

    u want me to go to the office and page for u issit?
    " paging Ah Lan...Ah Lan..hai dou mou? "

  17. too bad i dont have skinny legs or anything skinny leh... sei mou??
    accessories such as?? i always feel weird and too outstanding wearing them...

  18. when u say outstanding meaning 'u' or 'the accessories'? less is more ;)
    go basic..just add in 1 key item to highlight the look..if u really need ..i can spare geh..and again..PAY la..

  19. the accessories, or me, dunno la just feel so unnatural.
    pay.... borrow cannot meh?? gu hon guai~
    let's go shopping...

  20. personal shopper ah? lagi mahal ooo...;p
    tell me what u want la..if i got i can lend it to u geh...

    i scared if go shop wif u...end up i 'big out blood'

  21. i think most probably u will big out blood.

    my fashion sense veli the poor lah, and no fit fit body to wear too. that's y i'm in cali with pt. hahaha....

  22. dif ppl dif long as u comfortable..then u will look great n confident...( thats' my million dollar answer during the catwalk contest )
    fit got fit wear..
    loose fit got loose fit wear

  23. fahion guru,
    help me.... i am thin and i have slim and long legs...

    can i wear skinny jeans?

    jz wondering ll i look like a bamboo stick if i wear that.

    go shop with shinji la.. he is crazy for u. haha

    ohya, i watched eason's concert too. danny, this's another proof of u having good taste like me

  24. wayne...

    gd things...eason's concert was great rite? i shouted and sang with him...and ran front to record using my hp..then kena taste ..

    bad things...if u see me on the street dun come near me..cos i dun want to end up look like a hobbit...standing next to err...whats the anme of the tree man? ;p
    one more thing...i duuno how to dress up tall ppl wo...cos i more familiar with short ones..blow ah?

  25. but veli the hard to find shorty's cloths la... it will either be too small or too lenghty.

  26. think of the gd side...short ppl gain more things wo..cos when u buy a pair of jeans...too long? we cut it short..the balance can make small pouch or pencil 1 free 2..HAHHAHAHAH


  27. :)
    will seriously need ur help on that.

  28. let me know la...can b arranged :)

  29. danny,

    pls help me... i apologize for being taller than u. wahaha...
    i m seriously wondering if i can wear skinny jeans.

  30. wayne...skinny jeans is basically designed for those wif long and skinny legs..if u hv a flat butt...even nicer..thats y Malay guys look best in skinny jeans...cos normally they dun hv butt ;p

  31. Waliao.. Tak tersangka di sini sudah buka forum mengajar bagaimana untuk memakai baju dengan cantik bagi orang PENDEK.. I definitely can be the 1st one to register kanssssssss BigMouth? hehehe~


  32. welcome to Persatuan Orang Pendek Malaysia...
    I'm the president...
    Shinji is the secretary....
    u jadi treasurer la ( since u 'pandai' kira during our gathering )..hahah

    oh ... oh...oso got some diaqualified ppl...Wayne :)

  33. i hav flat butt!!! haha

  34. gd for u...flat is IN...
    guess we always in

  35. wahaha... is that self-hypnotizing? it sounds pathetic though.

    i wish i hav a buffy 1 so that i ll look good in formal wear

  36. its easier to add in fake butt than to flatten a full butt ...

    im always proud with my FLAT SCREEN ...hahaha


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