Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Evolution of April Fool

Primary School :
1) Eh, got things on your head...
2) Your mother is looking for you..

Secondary School :
1) Eh, the school bus left 5 mins ago...
2) Headmaster is looking for you....

College :
1) Eh, the assignments' dateline is today!
2) Your buddy is looking for you...

At Work :
1) Congratulations ! You are promoted as the Assistant manager !
2) Mary from accounts is looking for you...

Retired :
1) Eh, your wig is off centre ...
2) Your wife looking is for you...

a) We try to create different excuses according to your enviroment and status.
( trick 1 )
b) But how come people never improvise on this? ( trick 2 )
And we normally fall for trick 2.

Happy April Fools' Day :)

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