Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Memoirs of Big Mouth.( Part 2 )

2001 ( 24 years old )
- 4th job - Royal Selangor as Visual Merchandising Executive
- something good happened towards the year end
- went Singapore

RS VMD Team with a staff

2002 ( 25 years old )
- still with RS
- went Tokyo, Hiroshima & Fukuoka ( Japan )

BIG MOUTH talk :
Was a bit dissappointed when i reached Japan, cos it is not as nice as i imagined or how we saw from the dramas. But still got some interesting place and stuffs to see la.

2003 ( 26 years old )
- RS still
- went Singapore and Jakarta ( Indonesia )

BIG MOUTH talk :
First time eat authentic Indonesian Nasi Padang...it's really a food feast..a table full of dishes...just choose what you want.
Then look at the staffs ...from our new branch in Jakarta..( keep my mouth shut ;p )


  1. thank god, u r not left behind in the past as in appearance n style.

    anyway, ur proportion is stil the same. haha

  2. wayne....trying to be BIG MOUTH No. 2 issit?...

    i was just an ordinary caterpillar changing into a extremely vogue butterfly...blow ah? ( chui meh? )

  3. good explaination!
    *clapping hands*

  4. dor je dor je....err..u r clapping for me , rite?

    now i think ur taste level is higher than wayne liao.

  5. cheh.. i wont lie to myself jz to b praised for having better taste..
    mulut laser no2...

    anyway, i was jz joking.. how dare m i to comment on ur taste, mr. VM?

  6. welcome to PMLM...i'm the president...u bcome vice president lo...

    then the 'hand' idol how eh?

  7. looking at those picts somehow remind me of how old m i now....sigh...in a way kind of make me look back in the past and the paths that I have walked and passed by....getting old but living in more better life. As for you....The BIG MOUTH last time is so........UNBELIEVABLE not cute at all !!!

  8. pandai nya encik larry bertutur..


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