Saturday, April 19, 2008

OMG ! That's me !!

Just saw an interesting article on ' Anti-Social ' in some magazine.
It was a survey from people on the streets on what they know about being 'Anti-Social'. And below are some of the details that i can remember :

a) Like to stay at home, and alone
b) Shop and watch movie alone
c) Hardly go out to meet or make new friends
d) Eat and shit alone ( got people shit together one meh?? )
e) Not interested with what's ahppening on it's surrounding
f) DIE ALONE !!!

After i read the article, i somehow felt that the descriptions are quite familiar. Maybe someone that i know....someone that i see i think again. OMG!! That's me!!!

OK ok...April 2008 resolution ~ MAKE MORE FRIENDS !!
Got friends to introduce?


  1. another thing in common: we are both anti-social.

    let me introduce myself to u so that u can achieve ur resolution.. lol

  2. 在一起!在一起!在一起!在一起!

    Guess your resolution is achieved by somehow 'knowing' me and wayne. hehe..

  3. wayne & shinji...thankQ you lo...for helping me to achieve my resolution..

    wayne...i found out 1 more thing we have in common...both our son are from the same kampung ~ Singkawang.... hou che ahhh !!!

  4. hou cheh ahhh...

    let's pay them a visit someday together. don't bring shinji along. hmm... haha

    so, how u wanan achieve ur resolution?

  5. ....
    so how? i shud adopt one from singkawang too?
    tsk tsk tsk...

  6. Watch movie alone?????Elo....u really did that ar? I tak pernah and will never watch it alone in cinema....unless at home la...Guess, with your busy life....mana ada energy to social again....most of the time wat u need is in bad n sleep.

  7. why not? watch alone oso quite fun at times ma...

    yes...i really need to sleep...a quality sleep..

  8. STRANGE to be watching movie alone in cinema!!!
    Buzz me next time when u wan to watch movie in cinema....i can bring in some human being and watch 2gether


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