Monday, April 21, 2008

Memoirs of Big Mouth ( Part 1 )

Old people like to talk about the past. That's what i am going to blog..about THE PAST..;p

As i was ironing my clothes just now, i looked at the calendar. 21 April 2008, appoinmnet or not? Wait, wait...April 2008? Suddenly the month and year caught my attention. And it hit me...WOW!!!! I started working in April 1998... 10 years ago..i've been working for 10 years..!!

Since i'm into blogging now, might as well do a summary of my 10 years story. Starting with 1998 ~ 2000 :

1998 ( 21 years old )
- 1st job - Isetan Lot 10 as their Visual Presentation Artist, then transfered to KLCC when it was launched
- earn so little but still can afford to have a Frisco Frappe Latte at San Francissco Cafe almost every evening after work
- typical freshie, still very innocent

Isetan of Japan, A & P Team ( Lot 10 & KLCC ) ~ see if you can recognise me or not? i was still an 'ah piau' then..

1999 ( 22 years old )
- 2nd job - Anaita Fashion House as Merchandiser cum Buyer
- 1st time go on an airplane, and went overseas for buying trip
- went Hong Kong and Singapore

BIG MOUTH talk :
1) yes , i was shopping at Tsim Tsa Tsui after work, i passed by the HK (dunno what) Auditorium. And i saw a lot of people. So i kepoh go see go see lo. Then i found out that it was actually the HK Film Award ( not sure the English title ). Straight away i took out my camera and snap...snap..snap..

OMG !!! Leslie Cheung...gorr gorr...gorr gorr..

and also Cheung Kar Fai

2) 1st time watching concert..and it was FAYE's..who else ?;p

All i know is i behaved like some crazy guy in the concert ;p

2000 ( 23 years old )
- 3rd job - Tangs Dept Store as Brand Development Assistant
- design and buy for "NEXIS" and "STUDIO MEN
- went Hong Kong
- but some not so good review from the media during our SS Fashion Show ( i guess that's why i switch to VM after that )

Me and the still very 'ah piau'

BIG MOUTH talk :
1) We watched Aaron Kwok's concert at Stadium Merdeka. Paid Rm15 and sit at the RM150 area. Why? Someone from Pepsi told us that the ticket sale was very ask us if we interested la...RM15 onli wo...the Tangs gang should remember how we walked from Starhill to the stadium after work.;)


  1. err.. true,very de "ah piau"

  2. cilaka punye sherry..i dare you to post ur pic...8 years ago..when u were still a 'lala mui' ;p

  3. everyone sure went thru that stage or lala-ness.

  4. but some still in the 'lala' situation although their age is in the 'siham' stage liao. lol

  5. mmm, who never been to Seafood restaurant "hoi sin zou lou"..

  6. that's why i like to go bukit bintang...cos u can see 'seafood plater' anytime..anywhere....LOL

  7. You may find seafood platers in Pyramid also sometimes, especially when there'r school holidays.

    Me and my colleagues almost choked seeing their seafood outfits.


  8. what r u now? lala? siham? or oyster? ;p

  9. =.="
    i'm... panda meat.
    rare and priceless......

  10. lala - siham - oyster - scallop

    shin...when we old onli call scallop la...dried scallop ( kon yiu chu ) lol

  11. shinji....nei ok mou??
    ppl talk abt seafood la...u wrong menu liao ;p

  12. mm ok ahhh...
    tau wan wan san heng heng, a bit blur plus no appetite.
    Dr. Wong, any medicine??

  13. 3 bowl water ..boil till 1 bowl water left...then throw it away..that should help...

    really sick ah?

  14. mm hai lar... gong har jek.
    if really sick also minor heart sick lar, no cure for that.

    btw, what's the best class in gym to swing away fat tummy and waist ar??

  15. besides doing the weights, u can try body combat - to burn fat, and body pump - to tone the musle. But if you want fun, join my dance class.. ;p

    btw, i'm Dr Hwang, not Wong. ;)

  16. Oh Dr. Hwang, i apologize for my careless-ness.

    And your class... dont think u'r having any in cali pyramid right.. hehe.

  17. i am a cali member...i only teach in true fitness, my fitness and y fitness...

    only been to cali sunway once...very small la..and far for me..if u want to try my class..can go true fitness at 2 classes on thursday ;)

  18. So i pay cali and go to true???
    Or u curi-curi let me in??

    Yeah cali sunway is kinda small, and packed, so i m avoiding the crowd by going after peak hours.

    1st PT session on wednesday.

  19. make sure u ask everything to ur that u can do it by urself after the package long as u know all the basics, it should be ok..:)

    i can ask if u want to go for a trial at true fit.

  20. Sure do. Else it would be a big waste after i almost luk bao card just now to sign up.

    TF is kinda far, not to mention the terrible jam in usj. Thanks for the offer anyway.


  21. u looked really 'GREAT' few years ago. wahaha... ah piao.

  22. 'thank you ' worr...u dun so 'jiu jek'...u r now in the 'lala' level...okla..imported 'lala' ...;p

  23. i m not imported, ok?

    currently exported...

  24. lala means lala...imported or exported...still the same...u still hv few years before entering the 'siham' zone..

  25. let it be lala or siham, i have shells.... u have meh?! hmm...

    i can attack u with my shells.


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