Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Product

Nothing to do...saw the picture....taken during our gathering...
Nothing to the fridge...saw the bottle....bought long long time ago
Nothing to do...

"Ting" ( lightbulbs )
Now i know what to do...

"Mempersembahkan...produk terbaru, keluaran Mulut Besar.....UBAT BATUK CAP IBU DAN ANAK... formula baru...lebih pekat...lemak dan berkrim..."

Can't see the details of my new product?
There you go.....

Belilah barangan buatan Mulut Besar.
Sekali cuba, mesti nak lagi................

p/s: Ibu in blue and anak in white..huh??!!??


  1. HAHA... previous post said us kurang ajar but then now make us feeling like Superstar...:)
    Anyhow, this photo brings me back to old time drama which selling "Fah Lou Shui" with gambar orang. Another inspiring post from Mr Danny after the Big Mouth diary...

  2. ya la...u miss ' Zui Gai Lui Zu Kok '...u win lo..

  3. Sorry sorry..rephrase....Zui Shiong Geng Siu Je..

  4. Sorry lor.. Zui Shiong Geng Siu Je.. Is her Mama.. Me lor!.. Siah Tin Har chut ma.. Shui yu zheng fung!.. wahahahaha! =P

    Thanks for the post.. I almost fell from the chair.. LoL


  5. soli lo..

    sherry ~ zui shiong geng siu je
    jason ~ zui shiong geng lou mou

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  7. "ngor mou ngor mommy gum leck kong yeh"

    (Quoted from genuine YanYi@HK,Golden Films Awards + Lydia Sum Always In Memories Ceremony)

  8. sherry...u really very deep in that character huh? ;p
    Ga yau ahh...pls come out from the dark clouds asap.

  9. choi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



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