Saturday, April 26, 2008

To pay, or not to pay ?

Yes..this is a continuation from the previous entry ~ "To cash, or not to cash ?"

Just when i thought that everything is going well....,
My sis called : ' Ko, you have 3 summons.....'

See? That's why i am so worried whenever i received cheques.
I think i am cursed. Why la? Why me?
Maybe i should advise my clients to pay me cash, or bank in the money for me.

Another thing...i will try to follow the speed limit from now on.
Damn..they are really good in taking pictures.
But i wonder what they took...only the car registration plate, or the driver as well? Cos, who knows, they took my picture in a really bad timing...or bad angle...or bad lighting...
Summon is summon...but face still have to maintain VOG-GUE ;p


  1. Lisssss'a4/26/08, 7:51 PM

    Hey bro...wrong calculation! total 5 now ;p

  2. gong hei lei!
    woh hei le!
    zhung zor saman siu hei hei~

  3. kinda.

    what's up on a saturday night??

  4. as usual la...what can an 'anti-social' do wo? stay at home..b good la..macam biasa...u le?
    pretend gd boi oso ah?

  5. i'm not anti social, but lazy to social. Just got back from sis's place, mum is here for a visit.

  6. gd boi gd boi..
    m trying the strawberry straw...GELI nya..
    taste horrible:(

  7. wahahaha... at least chocolate doesnt taste geli right??

    check ur mail pls.

  8. luckily i didnt buy banana...but will look for caramel..

    mail? ok...if u send me junk mail..u siap!!!

  9. the straw not nice meh? xiang & yi not try yet...

  10. make sure save it for them...dun pandai-pandai minum sendiri !!


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