Sunday, April 6, 2008

Biaokho - Biaomei

' siooong duk je mo lii siooooong ..............'

No one will understand that...except me n my dear biao mei, Win-ni. She is now in Lun-Dunn, pursuing her dreams. I sometimes envy and admire her, for her courage to go far and explore the world while young. I think i am too old for that. So, i hope that she is doing fine there. We sometimes still chat, and send emails. Really can't believe that you so far away. Cos i am still enjoying the moments we had, performed and hang out together.

I can still remember clearly the day we met. It was at Gerald's place when we gathered for some rehersals. Knowing me, i won't go and approach strangers. It was her who walked to me and introduced herself. " Hi, i'm Win-ni. " My first impression was : " who is this Lam Chow Yeen look-a-like ?" ( I know you hated it everytime i bring this up ) Due to some 'mental-disorder' that we both shared, we became close friend in a very short period. ( By the way, I am 8 years older than her ). And we started to call each other 'cousins' from the same kampung, Chao Zhou ( TeoChew ). In fact, everyone call me that ! And there are so many 'classic incident' that happened to us.

And now you are in UK. I know you enjoy yourself very much there. But sometimes you told me you missed Malaysia and your family, and me of cos, rite? ( tak malu ;p ) Don't worry, i will pray for your success and happiness all the time. And i can see that you are really grown up now. From how you expressed yourself, your thoughts and how you see things differently. I am really happy to see you changed, from a small cute liltle caterpillar, to a beautiful and wise butterfly, a BIGGER than usual ones .;p So please do me a favour - CONTROL a bit your appertite. Cos your body are getting more and more ........Anyway, can't wait to see you, either i fly there or you come back la. Then we can do the shameless silly things again, like the old days.

Take care ;)


*Found this picture. Taken in 2004, at my company's annual dinner. ( Look at her hand. Now you know what type of 'memalukan' things that we do...)


  1. I think I know that first phrase lor.. Sammi's song ma rite? Hahaha.. =D

    nice to read the way u described your friendship with Winni.. It's cool~ And fun!.. Of course.. Memorable and interesting!..

    Btw, I miss her too.. Hehe..


  2. BIAOKHO!!!
    that's why i love you so much!

    I remember that night, because i've earned so much that night. No, not in terms of cash, but self-confidence and most importantly great memories with you. I was very nervous cause I was still new with not much experience in doing makeup, but thanks for the opportunity you gave me.

    I'm seriously proud of you for what you did for the party, so nice man those fairy lights and the deco.

    Well, I have to say wise man think alike, or maybe the teochew's clique is just in us. :)

    It's hard to find a friend, who can understand my lame jokes and get what i want to say just with a raise of my eyebrow.

    ahh..."yi hao ngo yu nei sui yuit wan man CHEEOONGGG"

    p/s: jason, HELLO!!! i miss you too, how have you been??

    xx Win-Ni the biaoster.

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  4. upgraded liao la? from biaomei to getting bigger...
    see? we all miss you better make us proud in that far far away land....and live happily ever after lo...;p

  5. Wa....never known this "interesting" u try to be King Arthur ker or wat character har?

  6. Fairytale la...u not there meh? Me wearing " Emperor's New Clothes " ma...


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