Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Was watching the latest cycle of America's Next Top Model on Youtube. And they were told to create poses for 3Cs - Catalogue, Commercial and Couture. Most of the people only understand the fisrt 2 terms. But what is "couture"? I'll try to explain in brief on the differences between these 3 terms ( in fashion )*.

Catalogue :
- the most affordable items
- is mainly catagorised as the middle and lower range ( price )
- normally produced in mass

Commercial :
- besides selling the merchandise, they sell the lifestyle as well
- normally ranges from middle range price and above
- mass production as well

Couture :
- pronounce as ~ ku:'tjue ( ku-tur )
- the highest range in fashion - high fashion
- each item are treated as an art creation
- a lot of artistic value and element

Now here's my own interpretation of the 3Cs using the ads i found in different magazines. 3 different ways to sell the Polo-Tee :



Now can you tell me which one is the most expensive one?

* From my point of view. Might not be 100% correct. :p


  1. This is really a very very interesting topic!.. I loike it!!!.. =P However, I am more interested to ANTM!!!.. LoL

    YouTube ada hor??? Stupid me!.. I wanna go watch tonite liao.. hehehe!


  2. ANTM cycle 10. New uploads every Fridays..


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